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Tour Edge Exotics C721 Steel Irons

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Tour Edge Exotics C721 Steel Irons


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Tour Edge Exotics C721 Steel Irons
These ultra-premium irons feature innovation breakthroughs like Diamond Face 2.0 and the VibRCor Technology that provide the ultimate in power and feel.

The Tour Edge Irons Feature:

  • Hollow Body / Maraging Steel
  • Dual VibRCor Technology
  • Full-Face Diamond Face 2.0 / L-Cup Face
  • 1-Year Guarantee / TT Elevate VSS Steel Shaft

Hollow Body / Maraging Steel

The iron has been designed with player preferred shaping with a thin top line and smaller classic shape. It has a 2-piece cast hollow body construction with a forged high-strength military-grade maraging steel face that is plasma-welded onto the 17-4 stainless steel body.

Dual VibRCor Technology

Tour Edge has developed a performance TPU that is directly injected into 2 places in the hollow-body cavity of the club head design. There is also a high-grade TPU injected to create speed-inducing and feel-enhancing, and a second performance gel to dampen shock and sound at impact. The result is a pure feel of a beautiful forged iron and faster ball speed at impact.

Full-Face Diamond Face 2.0 Technology

This technology features 92 different diamond shapes in 3 different interweaving thickness patterns to create faster ball speeds and an expanded sweet spot. This full-face technology acts as mini trampolines to provide more performance, even of miss-hit shots off the toe and heel.

L-Cup Face

The military-grade maraging steel L-Cup Face acts as a hinge designed to improve accuracy and protect off-center ball speed. It creates an unbelievable rebound to help you gain more distance.
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