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Callaway Jaws Full Toe Black Wedge

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Callaway Jaws Full Toe Black Wedge


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Callaway Jaws Full Toe Black Wedge
Give yourself even more confidence around the greens with the Jaws Full Toe wedge. Designed with enhanced toe peak, and full-faced grooves making it easier to play shots.

The Callaway Wedge Features:

  • Enhanced Toe Peak
  • Enhanced Spin
  • Precision CG Placement / Black Finish
  • 2-Year Guarantee / TT Dynamic Gold Spinner Steel Shaft / Lamkin UTX Grip

Enhanced Toe Peak & Full-Face Grooves

The enhanced toe peak of the wedge offers more confidence to make any shot happen combined with the full-face grooves for maximum performance around the greens.

JAWS Groove Design

This innovative technology works with extremely sharp radius edges which combine with groove-in-groove technology for exceptional spin control. JAWS full-face grooves impart more spin than any other in golf, allowing you to aggressively attack the flag with precision control. The wedge has been designed with a RAW Face which will rust over time to reduce glare and provide more roughness, so no matter where you hit off the face you will get spin.

Variable Weight Port System

Every wedge comes with this system which allowed Callaway engineers to precisely locate the CG to align with the impact location. Along with Jaws Toe-pad which raises the CG to control trajectory and promote more spin.
Each wedge is shaped with less offset which is easier to play, and a straighter leading edge for easy alignment. It has a specialized C-Grind with increased heel and toe relief to make bunker shots and flops more achievable, with a high-end black finish for quality and superiority from every angle.
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