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Mizuno Golf S18 White Satin Wedge

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Mizuno Golf S18 White Satin Wedge

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This is Mizuno's most specialised wedge in every aspect (sole grind, profile, top line and groove depth) from the 46-degree pitching wedge replacement to the 62-degree lob wedge. In the higher lofts, weight shifted up the blade is visible in a thicker, bevelled topline - delivering more consistent spin rates on strikes from high in the clubface (common with more extreme lofts).

White Satin Wedge from Mizuno Golf

  • Ultimate short game performance
  • Grain flow forged material
  • Rounded profile head
  • Mid-sized club

The little things matter!

The rounded silhouette allows the blade to open without impacting alignment and with a thicker upper blade portion on the most lofted options delivers spin consistency from high on the face. All this provides an incredible feel and ability for distance control.

Grain Flow Forging

Grain Flow Forging allows for an incredibly specific and precise iron head to be developed using multiple forging steps, just from one single billet of steel. This method best uses the metal's natural grain to maximise the heads consistency, durability and integrity. Mizuno is happy to be the only company to achieve this, and work to pass this performance onto the golfer.

1025E pure select mild carbon

The steel behind Mizuno's Softest ever irons! Used in the single piece irons for higher level players searching for the ultimate in feedback and precision. Used for its balance of strength, blend-ability and feel 1025 steel is incomparable to any other metal. The evolution to 1025E minimises unneeded elements that appear during the forging process- Sulphur and Phosphorous
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