TaylorMade HI-TOE Wedge


TaylorMade HI-TOE Wedge

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TaylorMade has designed the HI-TOE wedge for greater versatility around the greens, engineered to provide incredible chips, flops, pitches, explosion shots, and even shots out of the rough.

The HI-TOE Wedge Features:

  • HI-TOE Design with Full-Face Score Lines
  • High Bounce Leading Edge & Channel Cut Mid-Sole
  • Trapezoid-Shaped Pockets
  • 2-Year Guarantee & KBS Hi-REV 2.0 Steel Shaft / Golf Pride Tour Velvet Burgundy 360 Grip

Spin & Consistancy

This design creates a higher centre of gravity position for a lower launch with higher spin, with full-face scoring lines for better ball consistency out of the rough. Another great feature is the high bounce leading edge and channel cut mid-sole, this provides less resistance through the turf or sand on belly moves, and creates a double sole to prevent excessive digging.

High-Performance Design

An enhanced heel, toe relief and trailing edge provide maximum versatility around the greens, with three trapezoid-shaped pockets in the cavity for optimum weight distribution. The wedge comes in a beautiful aged copper finish, and has a premium KBS Hi-REV 2.0 115g steel shaft, and a Golf Pride Tour Velvet Burgundy 360 GEC 0.580 for maximum short game performance.
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