PowaKaddy FW5i 36 Hole Lithium Electric Trolley


PowaKaddy FW5i 36 Hole Lithium Electric Trolley

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PowaKaddy FW5i 36 Hole Lithium Electric Trolley
The F5Wi Lithium trolley has been designed to offer superior performance, with an all new full colour display and whisper quite powerful motor to give you long lasting power. The trolley has high performance low profile PowaFrame chassis which is simple to fold into the tightest of spaces, plus has low profile sports wheels which offer less noise running on hard surfaces and are removable for extra storage space.

The FW5i Lithium Trolley Features:

  • Full Colour Widescreen (with Digital Power Gauge and Battery Fuel Indicator, and USB charging port)
  • Low Profile Sports Wheels & PowaFrame Chassis
  • Whisper Quiet 200w Powerful Motor
  • Plug ‘n’ Play™ Lithium Battery (5 Years Warranty)
The trolley features a stand-out high resolution, full colour widescreen display, which features a digital power gauge and battery fuel indicator, plus has an Integrated USB charging port to help boost your GPS or mobile devices. To control the FW5i the trolley features a soft touch ambidextrous grip with functional buttons which includes a ADF’ (Automatic Distance Function), this allows you to send your trolley to the next hole with pre-set distances of 15, 30 and 45 yards.
Bungee straps with integrated soft touch anti-pinch handles help to secure your bag to the trolley, plus features front wheel tracking adjustment to ensure you can keep on track to your intended target. The trolley is powered by a slimline Plug ‘n’ Play™ Lithium battery system with whisper quiet 200 watt motor which reduces noise for less distraction as you play on the golf course.

FW5i Specifications

Weight not including Battery 9.4kg
Weight of 36-hole XL Lithium Battery 2.2kg
Wheelbase 570mm
Folded Dimensions 385mm (H) X 860mm (W) X 570mm (D)
Open Dimensions 955mm (H) X 1285mm (W) X 570mm (D)

Lithium Battery

PowaKaddy lithium batteries use the latest re-engineered lithium-ion technology which means they pack more staying power. Plus are super lightweight, extremely reliable and their compact size means it is so much easier to transport. They have a longer lifespan which makes it makes it much more cost effective in the long term and charge much more quickly saving energy and even further energy costs.

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