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Stewart Golf X9 Remote Electric Trolley

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Stewart Golf X9 Remote Electric Trolley

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The incredibly intelligent Stewart Golf X9 Remote Electric Trolley will become any golfers best friend on the golf course. This trolley is extremely easy to set up and even simpler to control. As well as great fun to use on the golf course, the X-Series is a product that will help your game by allowing you to walk the course unencumbered by your equipment. With the X9 Remote, all you do is walk.

The X9 Remote Trolley Benefits:

  • Rechargeable Handset
  • Full-Remote Functionality
  • 50 Metre Range (with safety cut out feature)
  • 12v Lithium Battery (with soft case)

Rechargeable Controller

This easy to control trolley has a convenient remote handset, its compact, and features an integrated rechargeable lithium battery, which can be charged via a new port on the right hand side of the handle. Even though it is recommended to charge the handset after every round of golf, the lithium battery means that you won't have to replace the battery for a long time.

Complete Remote Functionality

This superb Stewart Golf X9 Remote Electric Trolley also provides complete remote control functionality. This is ideal for when you go slightly off course, such as going into rough, bunkers or when you reach the green and you want to send the X9 Remote to the next tee. With a radius of up to 50m you can send the trolley up and down, steer it left or right and stop using it with the glide stop or emergency stop buttons. If you prefer to have your trolley in front of you, you have the option of another setting called 'cruise control' to set speeds to suit your walking pace.

The V3 Wheel Set have been created with the X9 Remote in mind. The lateral tread pattern generates excellent levels of grip that allow the X9 Remote 's electronic system to make very fine steering adjustments. The V3 rear wheels have a flatter profile which increases stability dramatically. Additionally as a set of 4 wheels, weight has been reduced by 30% resulting in increased efficiency and therefore longer battery life.The V3 wheels are combined with a rear stabiliser making this fantastic trolley almost impossible to tip over.

The Stewart X9 Remote Electrical Trolley comes complete with a whole host of other features that include: Scorecard holder & pencil clip. Unique serial number plaque. Adjustable handset cradle. A Towel clip. Integrated rear stabiliser.  Four tee holders. Anti-rotation bag straps. Quick release strap handles. Lithium battery & charger.

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