Garmin Approach G8 GPS


Garmin Approach G8 GPS

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Garmin Approach G8 GPS
Thanks to a multi-touch easy to see colour display, this magnificent GPS device will provide you will accurate distances to all locations on a golf course. It is also designed in a sleek, lightweight construction that you will be proud to show off to your golfing friends. With over 40,000 courses world wide, including free updates, you will be able to take on any course with this device as your caddy. Yet, this device is more than just a distance locater, it can be adjusted to uphill and down hill shots, receive e-mails if your a business person on the go and offer club advice by remembering how far you hit each club. It doesn't finish there either, the G8 also benefits from - touch targeting, manual pin placement, colour-coded layup arcs, a 15 hour battery life, and Wi-Fi for automatic course updates and connecting to Garmin Connect Golf to share and compare stats.

This GPS device features:

  • Wide 3” colour multi-touch display, slim and sleek design, tough and durable
  • Precise distance to the front, back, and middle of the green, plus layups and doglegs
  • PlaysLike Distance, distances adjusted for uphill or downhill shots
  • Smart Notification, get email, texts and alerts on your handheld device


This device offers more than just the distances to the front middle and back of the green, it offers layup yardages so you know exatly what club to hit to avoid any trouble you may come across. It also benefits from PinPointer Technology which shows you the direction of the green, so if you have a blind shot and are struggling to see the green, this excellent device will show you the way. the Built in Club Suggestions feature will remember how far you hit each club, then acts like a caddy by suggesting which club to hit on every shot. This device even has a PlaysLike Distance feature which takes into account uphill or downhill shots to give you a better idea of what club to hit. You can also switch the Big Numbers Mode for an easier "at a glance" viewing.


Also built into this device is a Handicap Scoring options for Stableford, Skins and Matchplay (as well as adjustable handicaps) and the G8 also hosts a digital scorecard for up to 4 players – calculating everyone’s scores has never been so easy! At the end of a round, you can sit down in the clubhouse, link Garmin G8 to the clubhouse wifi for automatic course updates and share and compare stats with your fellow golfers.

Garmin Connect Compatible

The device is compatible with Garmin Connect to give you the ability to review rounds and see performance statistics before and after play, as well as the ability to share scores with your fellow golfers. Garmin Connect shows hole by hole details for your favourite courses so you can see where to improve your game and view your Dream Score on each course. Dream Score is what you would score if you hit your best score from each individual hole all in one round. The Scorecard feature allows you to view and share your scorecards and keep track who you’ve played with. You can also see the number of fairways hit, greens in regulation and number of putts for that round. Garmin Connect also keeps track of your stats and track of your progress over time. Track your longest shots, view your average score by par, overall fairways hit percentage, overall greens in regulation percentage and average putts. Garmin Connect will take your golf to the next level.

Garmin are pleased to announce that the Garmin Approach range is now officially permitted for use in competition, subject to local rule and usage code of practice set out by the recent announcement of changes to the R&A rule book.
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