GolfBuddy Aim V10 GPS


GolfBuddy Aim V10 GPS

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GolfBuddy Aim V10 GPS
The GolfBuddy AIM V10 is a simple talking GPS to take all the stress away from choosing the correct club, enabling you to simply focus on your golf swing.

The Aim V10 GPS Features:

  • Simple Audio Distance Measuring
  • GPS Tracking (Front/Centre/Back of Green/ Hazards/Targets)
  • Larger 1.2" Display (with easier to read numbers)
  • Bluetooth Wireless Casting & Updates

Audio Distance

This latest handheld device features Voice which provides read-aloud distance measurements with the option of a male or female voice at the simple press of a button.

Distance Made Simple

Fully equipped with over 40,000 courses worldwide and free automatic updates. This smart device provides visual or audio distance measurements to the front/centre/back of the green. It even provides measurements to hazards such as bunkers and targets to give you the best insight before choosing the club of your choice. The GPS can be updated via Bluetooth connectivity with the GolfBuddy App. Plus you can wirelessly cast on to any Android or iOS mobile device. So you always have the most up to date golf course information.

Ergonomic Design

The device has a larger 1.2" LCD display with bigger numbers for easy reading. The device is water-resistant for added protection from the elements. It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which can last up to 16 hours in golf mode.

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions: 45.0 X 45.0 x 13.6 mm
Display: Mono 1.2" LCD
Battery: Lithium-Polymer Interface: Micro USB & Bluetooth
Water Resistant: Yes
Languages: Multi-lingual (11 Languages)
Code: 357259