PIQ Sensor & Golf Mobitee GPS Package


PIQ Sensor & Golf Mobitee GPS Package

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PIQ Sensor & Golf Mobitee GPS Package
The PIQ GPS Package effortlessly tracks and records all your shots using GPS positioning, showing you which club you hit, from where – providing a whole new way to understand your game. Instantly replay your swing in 3D and get real time club head speed, swing path and tempo ratio. At the end of the round, or during your practice session, look at the data of any swing to discover your data and your potential. Mobitee has mapped more than 35 000 golf courses enabling you to enjoy your golf round anywhere in the world.

The GPS Package Features:

  • Swing Analysis
  • Live Shot Tracking
  • Range Finder
  • 35,000 Worldwide Golf Courses

Swing Analysis

Instantly track your tempo, swing path and club head speed, as you improve your PIQ™ score on each swing.

Live Shot Tracking

With PIQ, get remaining distances to the green (front, middle, and back) directly on the back of your hand. Mobitee has mapped out over 38,000 golf courses around the world, meaning you'll know exactly how far away from the green your are positioned. PIQ effortlessly tracks and records all of your shots. Each shot, club, and yardage position is seamlessly stored in your phone app, displayed over real-life GPS hole imagery. Leave your smartphone in your pocket, and enjoy distance to the green directly on your glove display.

Golf Package

Each Package comes complete with the following items: 1 X PIQ Glove Sensor Rangefinder (Size 44mm x 38.3mm x 5.4 mm, Weight: 10g) , 1 X PIQ Fuel Battery Tank (PIQ Fuel battery bank charger can charge PIQ, while unplugged, up to 3 full battery life spans, charging duration 2h for full charge) , 18 NFC Club Tags (15 specifically labeled for each club & 3 customizable tags), Glove Clip. The PIQ Sensor & Golf GPS Package is compatible with IOS 7.0 and higher or Android 4.3 or higher.
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