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Callaway Golf Tour S Laser Rangefinder

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Callaway Golf Tour S Laser Rangefinder

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Callaway Golf Tour S Laser Rangefinder
Improve your golf game with the extremely accurate laser rangefinder. This device gives superior accurate measurement readings that are within +/- 0.5 yard of distance, from 400 yards away.

The Tour S Laser Rangefinder Features:

  • P.A.T. Pin Acquisition & Slope Technology
  • Prism & Laser Mode
  • Accurate Distance Readings within +/- 0.5 Yard
  • Water and Fog Resistant

Distance Technology

Slope Technology, this tech measures the angle of incline/decline then re-calculates your adjusted distance. The laser also plus features P.A.T. Acquisition Technology, to lock on to the flag position, and Prism Mode: which locks on to flag mounted reflectors for exact distances. Laser Mode: Allows you to scan multiple targets around the landscape with a 7x magnification lens to acquire targets with an easy to read OLED red display.
Each rangefinder comes with a premium hard moulded carry case and has a switch to disable Slope Technology which allows the device to be used during tournament play.
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