Rife RX5 Deluxe Rangefinder

Rife RX5 Deluxe Rangefinder

Rife RX5 Deluxe Rangefinder


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Rife RX5 Deluxe Rangefinder
Gain a competitive edge when playing golf, with the RX5 laser rangefinder. Sleek in design with an LCD display which provides highly accurate distance calculations to within 0.5m of distance. The rangefinder has power and measurement buttons and an eyepiece adjuster to give you clear and precise 6 x magnification performance.

The RX5 Rangefinder Features:

  • 6 X Magnification Lens
  • Mode/Unit Switch Button (yards or meters)
  • Slope Adjusted Distance / Flagpole Lock
  • Ergonomic Design / External LCD Display

Different Modes

The rangefinder has an extensive range of targeting skills, offering flagpole lock, point to point readings as well as vertical height. This highly accurate laser device gives you the confidence to select the right club with slope adjusted measurement calculations on an angled switch if required. This information can all be displayed in yards or meters on a external LCD display to give you a better understanding of readings.
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