Motocaddy LitePower Extended Lithium Battery (22ah) & Charger


Motocaddy LitePower Extended Lithium Battery (22ah) & Charger

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Motocaddy LitePower Extended Lithium Battery (22ah) & Charger
Regardless of your current electric trolley, this Motocaddy lithium battery (22ah) & Charger is a superior alternative to replace your traditional lead acid battery unit. Rated at 22ah and designed to cover 36 holes with a single-motor trolley or 18 holes with a dual-motor trolley, this is the extended range battery. The LitePower 22ah Lithium battery is smaller and lighter than its lead acid equivalent, making it more manageable and allowing it to fit into any electric golf trolley battery tray.

This Motocaddy lithium battery & Charger also features:

  • Full charge from empty in under 5 hours
  • Smaller and lighter than a lead acid equivalent (6.6" x 5" x 4.1")
  • Extended range to cover 36 holes (single-motor)/18 holes (dual-motor)*
  • 2 year comprehensive warranty and further 3 year limited warranty (battery only)


Lithium technology batteries are a leap forward from traditional lead acid batteries with a lifetime 5 times longer than equivalent lead acid batteries and being lighter and smaller, they’re designed to fit any mainstream electric trolley and are covered by a comprehensive 2 year warranty.


Lasting 5 times longer than equivalent lead acid batteries (compared to a typical 24ah lead acid battery) and being smaller and lighter than lead acid equivalents, Lithium batteries are better than lead acid batteries, have a comprehensive 2 year warranty and will fit any mainstream electric trolley.
All Motocaddy and LitePower lithium battery chargers now come with ONLY a UK charger lead.
*“This battery will complete 36 holes on a Motocaddy single motored trolley when used in normal conditions (however this is not guaranteed). Conditions such as trolley efficiency, excessively long or hilly courses, very wet fairways, unusually heavy golf bags or charging USB devices may reduce the range of this battery. Motocaddy encourage users of Lithium batteries to top-up between rounds whenever possible. The battery is not designed to complete 18 holes over consecutive days on a single charge. Battery capacity will reduce over time and can be affected by frequency of use and charging conditions.”
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