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New Cold Weather Accessories for sale: Buyers Guide 2018

Weather plays an integral role in outdoor sports, and cold climates can become an issue when trying to play on the greens. So, stocking up with the right golf accessories in cold weather can assure a comfortable, more assured game for all players.

Golf gloves/Mitts

Golf gloves designed for the cold weather are invaluable to a golfer, and work to keep hands warm and protected in wind, rain and snow. Sold by a number of big brand golf companies, mittens and gloves, such as the Motocaddy Deluxe Trolley Mittens, Srixon All Weather Glove, Callaway Golf Weather Spann Glove, FootJoy WeatherSof Glove and Under Armour ColdGear Gloves, will make sure hands remain warm even on the coldest of golf days.

Golf mitts are another useful way of keeping hands warm and toasty on the golf course, although, unlike the thermo gloves, mitts cannot be worn during play. Mitts are best used by pulling them on while other players are having their turn as this keeps hands protected from the harsh coldness on miserable weather days.

Cold Weather Accessories

Golf spikes

Golf spikes are as necessary to your game as caddies and clubs, though perhaps not always considered the most important accessory. However, the truth is, spikes can drastically influence your game, and could be the difference between unbridled success and abject failure. Of course, some golfers prefer to play without the use of spikes, which is fine, but many professionals urge the use of them as you never know when a steep incline or muddy turf condition may hinder your play.

A selection of golf spikes include the Black Widow Classic SoftSpikes Spikes, CHAMP Pro Stinger Spikes, SoftSpikes Pulsar PINS Spikes, CHAMP Zarma Slim Lok Spikes, Softspikes Pulsar Spikes and Softspikes Cyclone Fast Twist Spikes.

Are golf spikes needed?

So, do you need golf spikes in order to play well? Although spikes aren’t necessary for all golf courses, the fact they are used by every Tour Pro on the circuit cannot be ignored. Some golf courses may urge you to play with spikes underfoot, however, there are places that are happy to allow games to be played without their aid, so it’s always good to check this beforehand.

Is every golf spike legal for the golf course?

Before taking to the golf course, another important thing to check is whether the golf club you are visiting accepts the spikes attached to the soles of your shoes. A few years ago it was commonplace to wear metal spikes, but since the introduction of plastic spikes many places are now weary of allowing play with metal as it causes havoc with the putting greens. The newer plastic spikes are widely received everywhere and offer the same standard of stability and grip.

Why do we wear golf spikes?

As stated previous, there is no law that forces you to wear spikes in order to play a round on the golf course (though it’s always worth checking just in case). The main function of golf spikes is to enable the golfer to perform his or her swing without slipping. If you are playing in poor weather conditions, or conditions previously attacked by bad weather, then spikes can help keep you locked in place and perform more shots successfully.

Hand warmers

Hand warmers, such as Little Hotties, will keep hands warm and toasty on the golf course. They also work to assure fingers do not become too cold, allowing for better performances on the greens.

Placing a hand warmer inside an accessible pocket will guarantee a toasty experience on the golf course when playing in icy conditions. Of course the hand warmers also work wonders on dreary, rain-swept days as they can dry hands between rounds to eliminate the risk of hands slipping off the club. Alternatively, placing a golf ball inside the pocket with the hand warmer between green and tee works well as this can warm the core so it’s ready for those long drives down the fairway.

Get out and enjoy some winter golf with all these accessories and clothing options – it pays to be prepared!