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New Golf Gloves for sale: Buyers Guide 2018

Golf gloves are designed to provide secure fit, comfortable feel and stable grip when holding a golf club, and help players perform in a variety of weather conditions.

This buying guide will offer tips and advice on how to pick the correct golf glove, how best to wear gloves, and which brands are the best value.

Wearing golf gloves

Golfers wear one glove on their lead hand (this is the hand placed higher up on the grip). Golfers who are right handed will wear a glove on their left hand, and left handed golfers will have a glove on their right hand.

This is because most golfers’ lead hands tends to be the weaker of the two.

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Getting golf gloves fitted

It is important to choose a golf glove which fits correctly. Wearing a glove that is too big will make the golf club twist in the baggy excess of material and reduce the gloves grip effectiveness. It will also cause the glove to rub and wear out quicker, especially in the thumb and pad areas.

Make sure the golf glove is as snug as possible, because over time it will stretch. Tour Players literally have to pull off their golf glove after a round, so when buying gloves check that you can only to pull the tab halfway across which will then allow for the glove to let up and become easier with time.

Choosing a golf glove

There are several types of golf glove on the market, some designed for regular play, others for wet and rainy conditions. A player does not need to own all these gloves in order to play under every condition; however, wearing the right glove for the greens should help lower scores, and build confidence.

Below is a brief explanation of the different golf glove styles available now at American Golf.

Leather gloves

Leather gloves are tough, durable and offer intense grip for all swing types. If the glove is made from Cabretta leather – the skins of sheep which have hair instead of wool – then they will perform to the highest standard and come highly recommended.

Cabretta leather is produced around the world, in areas such as India, China, South America and Africa. It has a very fine grain and strong fibre network which helps promote incredible strength, suppleness and softness of touch. It also has a natural elasticity which helps the glove to slide onto the hand and fit snugly.

Leather gloves give the best possible grip in dry conditions but are not as effective in damp weather – they can become slippery and somewhat “greasy.”

Some of the best leather golf gloves available include the Nike Golf Tech Glove, FootJoy CabrettaSof Glove, Srixon Cabretta Leather Glove, Callaway Golf Dawn Patrol Glove and Bionic Stable Grip Glove, with many other top brands also doing a great job for golfers.

Rain gloves

Rain gloves deliver incredible performance in wet and rainy conditions, keeping the hand protected from the elements with its built-in synthetic materials. Used in dry conditions, however, the rain glove is simply a burden to your game and not worth wearing unless a downpour has been forecast that morning.

The FootJoy Rain-Grip Single Glove and FootJoy RainGrip Bonus Pack, are some of the best-performing rain gloves available now.

All-Weather Gloves

Step onto the golf course in all weather conditions and play with the same level of comfort, grip and breathability that you would expect on any sun-drenched afternoon. All-weather gloves are made from synthetic material to ensure strength is added to areas showing wear and tear, and offer excellent fit on the back of the glove. All-weather gloves make the ideal choice for the majority of golfers as they perform in every weather condition.

Popular among golfers, the TaylorMade All Weather Glove, FootJoy WeatherSof Glove, Callaway Golf Weather Spann Glove and Srixon All Weather Glove, all offer some truly brilliant waterproofing and comfort.

Winter Gloves

Winter golf gloves are made from a man-made material that helps keep hands warm and protected from cold weather. Winter gloves work to hold in warmth between shots so there’s no time for fingers to become accustomed to the cold weather outside of the glove’s snug protection, which in turn allows for better performances and less miss-hits due to frozen palms.

Between shots, golfers might also like to wear a pair of mittens to keep the chill off. Mittens, though not useful in play, can warm fingers and wrists between shots and work very well for all players.

Whether it’s agolf glove for winter or an all-season glove, make sure you pick up the glove suitable for your individual game at American Golf, where we sock a huge range of all the biggest brands.

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