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Review: Masters Drill-Stix Mini

Sometimes it’s the little extras that make all the difference to a golfer’s game, which is why we’re dedicating this review to the Masters Drill-Stix Mini – a compact version of the popular Drill Stix used by players all over the world.

The Masters Drill-Stix Mini has been created to help improve a golfers shot accuracy on the greens. While aiding with balance and adding short-game confidence, Drill-Stix Mini’s will also help more golfers play to lower scores.

The Drill-Stix Mini is lightweight and easy to handle, so anyone can use them without assistance. The lightness of these Stix means they’re easy to pack up and take anywhere you like to practice.

Place one stick behind the golf ball and the other in front of your feet. This is to ensure that feet, hips and shoulders remain aligned with the target. From there, simply tee off, practice putting or perform any other swing that needs special focus for improvement. The Drill-Stix Mini will then do its job and your swing, balance and confidence will benefit from its aid.

Drill-Stix Mini comes in packs of two and are ideal for use with a chipping net or putting mat, both of which are available at american golf at excellent prices. A smart, compact design, the Drill-Stix Mini means players can enjoy greater accuracy and alignment without shelling out for a personal trainer to learn the basics of the game or a few new shot manoeuvres.

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