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PUMA Golf, a leader in footwear innovation and design, has announced the upcoming release of its newest golf shoe, TITANTOUR. Designed to be the ‘coolest’ shoe in golf, TITANTOUR features revolutionary, temperature-regulating Outlast® Technology, along with a sleek, eye-catching silhouette design for a Tour performance golf shoe tipped to lead the industry in comfort and style.

Every aspect of technology has been ruthlessly revamped here, but it’s easy to overlook these modifications as they aren’t immediately obvious and concentrate solely on design – not a bad thing by any means. However, to fully enjoy these golf shoes, understanding the outstanding technology benefits afforded to the wearer should definitely be called out, so here goes.

Outlast Certified Space Technology™ was originally developed for NASA to help their astronauts maintain a comfortable temperature when clad head to toe in spacesuits. Now, PUMA Golf has brought this technology to the golf course with TITANTOUR. Taking advantage of strategic placement of Outlast in the sockliner top cloth, which is designed to proactively manage heat while also controlling the production of moisture before it begins, is a huge step up in footwear performance which every golfer will love. Foot temperature is regulated through phase-change materials that absorb, store and release heat for optimal thermal comfort.

PUMA Golf Head of Footwear Grant Knudson elaborates on this new technology: “Once again, we are pushing the limits of footwear innovation and style. The TITANTOUR provides even greater comfort for the golfer by proactively regulating heat and reacting to changes in conditions and foot temperature. The fit, feel and performance of the new TITANTOUR shoes are specifically designed to meet the needs of all golfers at the highest level.”

TITANTOUR shoes also feature PowerFrame Technology – an ultra-thin TPU frame that encases the EVA midsole for lightweight strength, extreme durability, increased flexibility and incredible traction which is superior to all competitors on the market right now. But that’s not all. This technology is combined with external TPU Heel Support, providing the wearer greater stability and excellent ground contact for additional force and power during their swing.


PUMA Golf has combined outstanding performance with unmatched style, resulting in the upper touts having a sleek design which is made of full-grain, ultra-premium leather for a soft feel and sophisticated appearance. On top of this, PowerVamp is used across the forefoot, over time reducing stretch and providing increased stability levels. The upper and insole come equipped to play with ShapeLock memory foam to give a customised fit, long-lasting comfort and brilliant underfoot cushioning in every step.

COBRA PUMA Golf Tour Professional Rickie Fowler on TITANTOUR: “The new TITANTOUR shoe provides all the performance, comfort, cooling and support that I need in a golf shoe, but better yet it has a look and feel that really fits my style on course.

“PUMA Golf continues to make shoes that help me perform on Tour and keep me one-step ahead of my competition.”

PUMA has also added new, low-profile Stealth cleats that utilise K5 for long-lasting abrasion resistance, along with strategically-placed walls of secondary traction that surround and work with the removable cleats to offer unbeatable traction and stability while on the golf course.

The outsole, too, features anatomically positioned flex grooves that allow players’ feet to move to a natural rhythm while still providing the necessary support needed for a comfortable day on the greens.

The outsole features anatomically positioned flex grooves that allow the foot to move naturally while providing the necessary support.

TITANTOUR golf shoes will be landing soon at american golf, so keep checking back for updates.

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