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Callaway Golf XR range - for golfers seeking "Outrageous Speed"

Callaway Golf, makers of the hugely popular Big Bertha range, has announced the launch of its latest design, the XR family. And Callaway promises that these nine new clubs are “built for outrageous speed.”

Utilising cutting-edge technology and innovation, Callaway has devised a winning formula which the brand believes can serve every golfer in their game, offering maximum distance and golf ball speed regardless of playing level.

Built around a “racing” model, the XR range is the successor to the X2 Hot and comes from the brand’s desire to take golf hardware design to a level never before reached. Within this aim, Callaway has tackled face, construction and shape technology more aggressively than ever.

Speaking on Callaway Talks, Callaway’s Head of R&D Dr. Alan Hocknell divulged some details behind the concept.

“It’s about looking for the high-energy version of a golf club. We were inspired by automotive and by the racing side of automotive. Taking ourselves to a whole other level, a higher gear and working to get more ball speed and more distance,” Hocknell told Harry Arnett.

The results are a family of game-changing clubs featuring XR drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons.

Crafted from titanium, the XR driver features the brand’s Speed Step Crown which helps to maximise speed while reducing drag throughout the swing. Further enhanced by R-Moto face technology, the XR has a thinner, more flexible face that reduces its weight by up to 10%.

The XR Pro Driver takes a somewhat different approach by having a forged composite crown designed to offer low spin with forgiveness for the better golfers out there. However, intermediate golfers might find they want to give this club a whirl, in which case they should be prepared to work hard for their results, at least in the beginning.

For the XR Fairway Woods, Callaway uses a completely redesigned head shape sporting a 16% larger sweet spot as well as a 20% lower CG and 36% thinner next-generation Forged Hyper Speed Face Cup. The results are increased golf ball speed where and when it’s needed most.

Golfers can also snap up the XR Fairway Woods in XR Pro models as well, while there’s even an XR Deep model available which helps players reach unrivalled distance and speed on and off the tee.

Which brings us to the XR Hybrid. This club also utilises the Forged Hyper Speed face Cup to increase golf ball speed throughout the face of the club as well as offering greater forgiveness.

Like most everything else in the range, the hybrid also has an XR Pro variant. It has been specially crafted using a more compact head design to make it even longer and forgiving. Perfectly engineered for better players.

Finally, but certainly not least of all, is the XR irons. Created using a unique 2-piece construction, these fantastic irons benefit from an Internal Standing Wave to improve playability as well as a Cup Face Design, promoting increased forgiveness, greater ball speed and enhanced accuracy.

With the XR range hitting american golf stores across the UK next month as well as rolling out online, its already a great start to 2015 for Callaway Golf.

Neil Howie, President and Managing Director of Callaway Golf EMEA sums up the XR range, saying: “Last year’s X2 Hot Family was a phenomenal success story, helping Callaway achieve ‘No. 1 hard goods’ status in Europe and underlining our goal of launching truly ground-breaking products that deliver exceptional results.

“The new speed-focused XR Family represents a further step forward in levels of performance and we can’t wait to hear the feedback from golfers who put this new product into play.”