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Review: Callaway Golf Big Bertha V Series

When Callaway Golf announced the imminent arrival of the Big Bertha V Series, the company accompanied the range with the tagline: “Our fastest Bertha yet.” So, after a little hands-on experience with the driver and fairway, did the tagline – and Callaway’s claims – live up to the hype?

The Callaway Golf Big Bertha V Series is a powerful animal. Distance from aggressive speed and forgiveness in a lightweight design almost perfectly sums up the latest feast golfers have been served, and no one should think twice about slipping a driver or fairway with the signature ‘V’ into their bags come late September.

But what exactly does the Callaway V Series have to offer? Read on and see what we think in our hands-on review.

Big Bertha V Series Driver

Speed Optimised Technology

Players will notice how much lighter this golf club is (starting at 290 grams) almost immediately, and it’s benefits are just as quick to recognise. The lightweight design helps create more club head speed and the kind of golf ball speed that makes the ball go a lot farther than it would with a heavier vehicle being swung.

A faster swing also comes from the aerodynamic shaping that lowers drag through the entire swing. Coupled with the Forged Composite material in the crown, which is also much lighter, and this leads to maximum club head speed – crucial for achieving the best distances.

OptiFit Technology

By now there’s not a great deal more to say about OptiFit Technology. We know it works an absolute treat on the golf course, but the V Series has taken it a step further. The adjustable hosel allows you to choose from a combination of 8 different loft (-1, S, +1, +2) and lie angle (Draw or Neutral) configurations to find your optimized trajectory and shot shape. When you get those right, great drives are sure to follow. And from experience, they most certainly do!

Hyper Speed Face

The word ‘speed’ has cropped up plenty during this review, and it was the same thing while testing the driver on the american golf ranges, too. This gorgeous club is lighter, hotter and more robust than its predecessors, and delivers higher golf ball speeds across the face for consistent drives that travel serious distances.

Performance Lightweight Premium Shaft

Callaway haven’t been content simply upgrading its OptiFit Technology and making the club more aerodynamic. The company has also worked to make sure the Big Bertha V Series comes with an ultra-lightweight Mitsubishi Bassara Shaft in the 10.5-degree and 13.5-degree HT heads, and a Fujikura Motore Speeder 565 in the 9-degree head. After trying each of them, it’s almost impossible to give any preference due to each of them working so well, so on that score you’ll have to draw your own conclusions.

And now we review the Callaway Golf V Series Fairway Woods…

Speed Optimised Technology

Speed Optimised Technology is how the club head manages to generate so much speed and achieve superior golf ball distances. This is due to the advanced, lightweight and aerodynamic club head, as well as the lightweight shaft which promotes faster all-round speeds.

Hyper Speed Face

Not much to add here other than we most definitely noticed higher ball speeds across the face for longer, more consistent distance, and we’d like it to continue please!

High Launch Design

The increased launch angle really helps get the ball up and into the air without hassle, while also managing to find the desired distance, especially when the impact is low on the clubface. The higher launch angle works to help make this the most forgiving Bertha fairway wood ever created, and for that we can only don our golf caps to Callaway.

Modern Warbird Soleplate

The Modern Warbird Soleplate works to increase versatility from everywhere using an updated design that builds off the most versatile fairway wood ever made. It’s so clever you’ll want to use it for every shot. Seriously.

Special Heavenwood Option

20.5° loft and 43-inch shaft combine for a unique combination of distance and tighter dispersion that you might not get from a 4- and 7-wood configuration.

The Verdict

To give the Callaway Golf Big Bertha V Series anything less than 10 out of 10 would be madness, and unfortunately we can’t give it an 11 so it easily takes the maximum amount of points here. The entire design has been revamped just enough to give players a better experience on the golf course without them effectively having to learn how to use the club all over again. If you were a fan of previous Big Bertha’s, these are the only drivers and fairway clubs you need to be looking at adding to your bag.

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