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2017 Golf Stand Bags

Stand bags (also referred to as carry bags) are the most popular option for players to carry their clubs around the greens. Much of its popularity derives from them being lightweight in construction and comfortable to carry on the golf course, but there are other reasons, too, which will be highlighted in this buying guide.

What is a golf stand bag?

Stand bags are larger than pencil bags, but smaller than trolley bags, and offer a wealth of storage options and other useful features. Stand bags earn points for being able to stand upright when full of clubs, keeping them in easy reach when preparing to make a shot. being able to stand the bag upright is also great for keeping dirt and grime off the golf clubs by lying them on the ground between shots.

2017 Stand Bags

Selecting stand bags

When choosing stand bags, it is a good idea to check the stability of the legs, along with the base of the bag, as it needs to be able to support itself; especially when full of golf clubs.

Premium quality stand bags, such as the Callaway Golf Warbird Stand Bag, Callaway Golf Hyper-Lite 2 Double Stand Bag, TaylorMade Flextech Stand Bag, Sun Mountain 3.5 LS Stand Bag, MacGregor DX Plus Stand Bag and Nike Golf Air Sport III Stand Bag will stand firm in adverse weather conditions, ensuring a far longer lifespan in the process.

Check for waterproof features

Golfers should check to see whether their stand bag is waterproofed before making a purchase, and, if so, how good that waterproofing is. Waterproof properties ensure golf bags remain in good condition, even in heavy rain, wind and snow.

Stand bags such as the TaylorMade Waterproof Stand Bag, Titleist StaDry Light Stand Bag, Sun Mountain 2016 H2NO Lite Stand Bag, Callaway Golf HyperDry Lite Stand Bag, BIG MAX Aqua G 14-Way Stand Bag and BIG MAX Aqua 8 Stand Bag will ensure golf clubs and the interior of the bag will not become wet and damaged when playing a round in adverse weather conditions.

2017 Golf stand bags available now

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