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2017 Golf Trolleys

Golf trolleys are growing in popularity among players, and it’s easy to see why--with their wealth of technology, storage options and ease when traversing the greens. This buying guide to golf trolleys covers everything from electric models through to manual ones; including all the nifty features and benefits which go with them.

Electric Golf Trolleys

Electric and manual golf trolleys are still operated by the players in the same way as push/pull trolleys, however electric trolleys also provide a mechanical boost that requires less effort from the user, making moving about the greens far more efficient.

What is an Electric Golf Trolley?

Electric golf trolleys have moved on from the image of being only for senior players, with people of all ages discovering how useful they can be on the golf course. Electric trolleys alleviate the pressure placed on a players’ back by lugging heavy golf clubs around, making them a much-used product by single, double and groups of golfers. Electric trolleys are great for conserving energy and not getting fatigued halfway through a round.

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Using Electric Golf Trolleys

Electric golf trolleys are incredibly powerful, able to maneuver over almost any terrain, including steep hillsides and sheer inclines with little trouble. A great deal of these trolleys come with batteries that will run for around 18-34 holes, meaning you can complete a whole game without running out of juice.

Some electric golf trolleys allow players to control them remotely, which is great for those who aren’t keen on manually pushing a trolley around the course. The best electric golf trolleys to offer remote travel include the Stewart Golf X9 Follow Electric Trolley and Stewart Golf X9 Remote Electric Trolley.

How Electric Golf Trolleys Operate

Electric golf trolleys are powered by rechargeable batteries and are able to power along through poor weather and rocky turf. The remotely-controlled trolleys allow players to navigate a course around the greens with the trolley in tow, driving along at a customised pace.

We recommend you purchase a powerful enough battery for your trolley in order to get the best performances from every game. We stock a huge range of golf batteries at American Golf.

A selection of the best electric golf trolleys include the Motocaddy S1 18 Hole Lithium 2016 Electric Trolley, PowaKaddy FW5 18 Hole Lithium Electric Trolley, BIG MAX Hunter Quad 18 Hole Lithium Electric, PowaKaddy FW7s EBS 18 Hole Lithium Electric Trolley, Motocaddy M3 Pro Lithium 36 Hole Electric Trolley, PowaKaddy FW7s 18 Hole Lithium Electric Trolley and BIG MAX Coaster Quad Brake 18 Hole Electric Trolley, among others.

Manual Golf Trolleys

Manual golf trolleys are usually designed to be ergonomically sound, meaning they present much ease and comfort when used on the golf course. A good manual golf trolley will glide over the greens, while hands can be pressed comfortably to its handle. The simple construction of these manual golf trolleys often consists of a straight bar that is roughly running at around 45 degrees – on which the golf bag is supported at the base and top – and two rear wheels are added for stability and movement.

The pull-along handle adds excellent support for the player, while a third wheel can also be used at the base of some manual golf trolleys to stop it from falling over.

Push and pull golf trolleys will be key for players who use large cart or tour bags to store their equipment. These trolleys are available in a variety of styles, with plenty of useful add-ons for accessories, so it’s always a good idea to do some shopping around at American Golf to find out which model is right for you.

There are many things to investigate before choosing a push/pull trolley, such as selecting wheel size, finding the most comfortable handles, checking how well the trolley maneuvers, whether the trolley can be folded down when not in use, and how much each golf trolley weighs. This buying guide will help players gain a little more knowledge about which golf trolley to consider.

Collapsible or Non-Collapsible Golf Trolleys?

Many golf trolleys can be collapsed after use and placed safely away ready for next time, and this is a feature every player should look out for. Some trolleys are rather large, which means they will take up a lot of space at home if the option to collapse them isn’t available.

Though getting a golf trolley which can be collapsed isn’t the most important aspect, it will make a positive difference when it comes creating more space and making for easy storage. The BIG MAX Autofold Flat Fold 3-Wheel Push Trolley is a great foldable golf trolley used by many players and well worth considering.

Selecting Wheel Size

Golfers will travel over a variety of terrain during a round, and although most golf wheels placed on a trolley will roll without problem, especially on smooth ground, more rugged, savage parts of the course will offer more of a challenge to wheels which aren’t prepared for a fight.

Larger wheel radius will help smooth out the humps and lumps of the course, and allow for an easier trek. However, small wheels also work well in most turf conditions, and will be extra useful when snaking along thin trails or over hills.

Larger golf wheels tend to make for less work and smoother driving, but nobody should rule out smaller wheels without giving them a try first.

A selection of very good golf trolley wheels which are available now include the Motocaddy Golf Hedgehog Winter Wheels, PowaKaddy Winter Wheels, Masters Golf Winter Hoppa Wheels, Masters Golf Hoppa Wheel Covers and BIG MAX Hedgehog Wheels.

Quality Handles = Improved Control

Once loaded with golf clubs, a push trolley can be difficult to steer, so a sturdy handle can make life a whole lot easier. A good handle helps the player stay in control of the golf cart, allowing for natural maneuvering around the course. Some handles are ergonomically designed, which is very comfortable, and help players get a firmer hold upon the trolley.

Check the Brakes

Different brake mechanics can be found in a number of golf trolleys, and this should be something that is checked before choosing a model. Basic brakes work well at keeping trolleys sentry on hillsides, although there’s no guarantee it will perform this way on very steep declines. Brakes need to be strong in order to hold every golf club and golf bag when going up or down hills They need to be strong enough to keep you in control of the slope. Many carts only have manual breaks at the wheels, while others have a simple break mechanism near the handle, but this is only to keep the cart stationary and cannot help slow it down should it begin to move.

Push/Pull Trolley Weight

Push trolleys are lightweight in construction, making them incredibly easy to lift in and out of a car. Being this light means they can also be stored with relative ease, either on a high shelf or under the bed.

Similar to a push trolley, pull trolleys are incredibly lightweight and can be lifted with little effort. They are easy to traverse the golf course with and will not weigh players down when going uphill, nor do they need forcing forward when the course takes a sudden descent.

Which Push/Pull Golf Trolley?

At American Golf, we stock a great range of push/pull golf trolleys, including Motocaddy S1 Lite Trolley, iCart Uno Trolley, =Masters Golf 5 Series 3 Wheel Trolley, Stewart Golf R1-S Push Trolley, Clicgear 3.5+ Trolley, Clicgear Rovic RV1C Trolley, Skymax CUBE 3 Trolley, PowaKaddy TwinLine 4 Trolley, PowerBug Push 2.0 Trolley, BIG MAX IQ Plus Trolley and BIG MAX Blade Plus 3 Wheel Push Trolley.