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Review: Clicgear B3 Cart Bag

Like many golfers I have been a staunch Clicgear trolley user for almost five years. There’s just something about the way the brand makes its manual trolleys; easy to push, easy to pull, simple bag placements, things like that which make it hard to trade them in for a different model. However, if I was considering replacing my Clicgear trolley in the near future, the release of the new Clicgear B3 Cart Bag would have me doing a complete one-eighty!

I’m not telling you anything inherently new here when it comes to how good Clicgear trolleys work, and if you’ve got one yourself then you’ll know what I’m talking about. What I am trying to get across is that it would take something very special to make me forget how good the trolley is and concentrate solely on something else. The B3 Cart Bag achieves this.

Clicgear B3 Cart Bag Organisation

Firstly the B3 Cart Bag is available in a variety of gorgeous colours – Black/Red, Black/Yellow, Black/Blue, Black/Grey and Black/Lime – all of which match perfectly to the Clicgear trolley range. The bag itself is also very lightweight in construction, making it easy to lift on and off a trolley and not causing unnecessary back problems over many rounds of golf.

The B3 Cart Bag features a unique double slope top design with an angled club grip which keeps golf clubs organised and in line. However, it does more than simply work as a way of storing your clubs. The Clicgear B3 Cart Bag actually organises them, shorter at the front and longer at the back. And to make sure they remain that way during travel, there’s a safe rubberised strap that protects the neck of the bag from damage. The no-twist bottom allows the B3 Cart Bag to fully integrate with the Clicgear cart, enabling the bag to be fully secured at all times. This system will also connect with any other golf cart, so you don’t need to be a Clicgear fanatic…although that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be!

Storage Options

A recurring complaint from golfers is the lack of storage options in their golf bag. Nowadays you’re more likely to purchase a golf bag, whether it be Nike, TaylorMade, Callaway, Mizuno, Motocaddy, Cobra or otherwise, and it will offer a great storage option for everything you need. The Clicgear B3 Cart Bag is very much the same.

Benefitting from 12 – count them, 12! – functional pockets, including a cooler bag, lined valuables pocket, Easy-Push golf ball pocket, waterproof pouch and first-aid pocket, the B3 Cart Bag can be stacked deep and high without falling over thanks to the rubber foot cart base and a transportation handle for easy lifting.

Additional Info

The Clicgear B3 Cart Bag itself only weighs 3.23kg, making it ultra-lightweight and easy to move about when filled or empty. It has a 10” top diameter with full-length golf club dividers, as well as 12 functional pockets and a first-aid pouch and waterproof pouch.

The Clicgear B3 Cart Bag is a great product and its available now from american golf.

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