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Review: GolfBuddy VS4 GPS

The newest addition to the GolfBuddy Voice range, the hugely popular GolfBuddy VS4 GPS has arrived at american golf, and we’re here to give you a full review of how it handles on the golf course.

Your personal caddie on the golf course

In a nutshell the GolfBuddy VS4 GPS is a simple to use distance measuring device. At the click of a button players can be informed, via the built-in voice mechanism, accurate distances to the front/centre/back of the green.

The device has been built to incorporate dynamic green view, automatic course and hole recognition and a whopping 37,000+ global courses are available and ready to play right from the get go.

Delving further under the hood, there’s a handy distance measurement function that tells the golfer how far they’ve hit each shot, making the VS4 GPS perfect for dialling in yardages with any golf club.

The day we played a round using the GolfBuddy VS4 GPS was fraught with rain and strong winds, but there was no need to tuck the small device away inside a pocket or golf bag. The VS4 is water-resistant, designed to combat the elements during poor weather conditions, making it a gadget that’s useful all year round. Plus the 10 hour battery life came in handy as we were playing a good 8 or so miles from home with no intention of getting back in the car and driving home just for a quick recharge.

GolfBuddy VS4 GPS Key Features

Preloaded with 37,000+ global courses

Automatic course and hole recognition

Distance to front/centre/back of the green

Shot distance measurement

The GolfBuddy VS4 works on so many levels that’s its tough trying to use all its features in a single game. However, there’s no denying this is one of the best GolfBuddy Voice products ever produced, and golfers with a no grasp of technology will find it just as easy to use as those who love to get a little techy on the golf course.

The GolfBuddy VS4 GPS is available now at american golf.

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