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A Guide to the Best Golf Balls for Beginners

At American Golf we’re asked so many questions about the best golf equipment for beginners. With so much choice, it can be hard to give a simple answer, and one of the hardest areas to answer is for golf balls!

What are the best golf balls for beginners? The best cheap golf balls for beginners? The best golf balls for high handicappers? All great questions, but with multiple answers for different types of golfer.

We’ve drawn our results from a thorough review of testing and reviews that are currently available across online platforms. As always there will be areas for debate, but read on for our definitive guide to the top golf balls for beginners in 2020 and the best golf balls for high handicappers!

Top Golf Balls for Beginners in 2020

Srixon Distance

  • Aerodynamic 324 speed dimple configuration with true and penetrating trajectory
  • A 2-Piece Construction Golf Ball
  • Highly resilient ionomer cover provides longer drives and exceptional cut proof durability
  • Energetic Gradient Growth core with soft compression for high velocity shots
  • Fantastic Value

  • Not always seen as one of the ‘big boys’ in the golf market, but the team at Srixon has been consistently producing some of the best ball technology in the game for years, and the Srixon Distance are no exception.

    These 2-piece golf balls are packed with technology to create high initial velocity on every shot. The highly resilient ionomer cover design results in longer drives and superior cut proof durability, while it has a large Energetic Gradient Growth core in the centre for a softer feel without sacrificing distance. The soft compression gives high initial velocity, high launch angle and low spin, delivering a penetrating and more stable flight in any wind conditions. Superb value and a worthy first place in our best cheap golf balls for beginners. The only issue we see with these balls is that they’re such great value, we sometimes struggle to keep up with demand!

    Great all rounder, fantastic value

    Total Score: 33/40

    TaylorMade Distance +

  • More Distance
  • Low Spin & Drag
  • REACT™ Speed Core
  • High Velocity Performance

  • With Taylormade golf ball division venturing into 5-piece designs for its latest Tour offering, it’s great to see that one of the game’s biggest brands is still producing top quality 2-piece balls with the beginner in mind.

    The TaylorMade Distance Plus golf ball has been specifically designed to give more distance on all shots. Speed enhanced with a high velocity React Speed Core and aerodynamic 344 cover, this ball offers low spin and less drag to improve distance performance. This 2-piece ball has a soft feel, provides a mid-ball flight trajectory and offers mid/high wedge spin for added short game control.

    A great combination of distance and feel.

    Total Score: 32/40

    Titleist Velocity

  • Higher Speed LSX Core
  • Spherically Tiled 350 Tetrahedral Dimple Pattern
  • NaZ+ Cover
  • Engineered for Maximum Velocity

  • The undisputed heavyweight of the ball division, Titleist has a well deserved reputation for making some of the biggest advancements in golf ball technology that the game has ever seen. Well known for their Tour level balls, this industry behemoth also knows its business when it comes to the best golf balls for beginners.

    The Titleist Velocity was created for maximum velocity, giving incredible distance on every shot. New advancements in golf ball technology allowed Titleist to manufacture the ball with a new high-speed LSX core and NaZ+ cover that delivers high speed and low spin off the tee for greater distance. It’s spherically tiled 350 tetrahedral styled dimple pattern enhances flight trajectory to optimise distance performance.

    Fantastic ball, most expensive in the list

    Overall Score: 29/40

    Wilson Staff Duo Soft +

  • Velociticor Core Technology
  • Ultra Low 35 Compression
  • 2-Piece Construction
  • Soft Feel & Greater Distance

  • Wilson Staff is another brand that has a real heritage of producing top quality golf balls, without the recognition of some of the bigger brands. This premium golf ball claims to be the world’s longest and softest 2-piece ball with a new Velociticor core for even more distance performance. While we will have to take their word for that, it certainly flies well and feels great! The new core formulation delivers the lowest compression value of any soft ball on the market, giving an improvement in ball speed of 2 mph. This gives extra yards, even at slower swing speeds and provides exceptional feel for improved touch and responsiveness around the course.

    Advanced technology in a great beginner’s ball

    Overall Score: 29/40

    Callaway Warbird +

  • Optimised Core
  • Ionomer Cover
  • Hex Arodynamics
  • Soft Feel

  • A legend in the golf ball market, the Callaway Warbird has a reputation for its distance and despite not being new to the market, is still a fantastic option in the category, top golf balls for beginners in 2020.

    The Callaway Warbird golf balls feature a revolutionary Hex aerodynamic cover for exceptional carry distance and improved flight. The core of the ball has been optimised to give a soft feel and faster ball speeds to get the maximum distance out of the driver. Hex aerodynamics reduce the drag effect to produce a more penetrating ball flight, with an ionomer cover that seals in all that distance from the core, for maximum performance out on the fairways.

    Distance, Distance, Distance!

    Overall Score: 29/40

    Honma D1

  • High-Repulsion Rubber Core
  • Mid Ionomer Cover
  • 368 Dimple Pattern
  • Soft Feel

  • Relatively new to the U.K. market, Japanese manufacturer Honma is known for its high end clubs, but with these additions to its range, it will soon have a reputation for great golf balls for beginners.

    The Honma D1 is a 2-piece golf ball that has been designed with distance in mind. Constructed with a new combination high-repulsion rubber core and mid ionomer cover, the D1 gives more distance from every swing combined with the feeling of a softer golf ball. The D1 has an improved aerodynamic 368 dimple pattern which helps the ball to launch on a piercing trajectory and cut through the air for more consistent long-distance performance.

    Distance and consistency

    Overall Score: 29/40

    Srixon Soft Feel

  • Soft Energetic Gradient Growth Core
  • 338 Speed Dimple Pattern
  • Softer Feel
  • Even More Distance

  • In the top golf ball for beginners for 2020 category, it’s no surprise to see this long standing classic from Srixon. The Soft Feel has been on the market for a few years now, but with this latest incarnation of the classic design, the Soft Feel builds on its reputation as a great all round ball.

    The new Soft Feel features a Soft Energetic Gradient Growth Core that provides the golfer with an even softer feel than previous versions. The ball is softer in the centre and firmer on the outside than previous generation balls, providing a high launch and low spin off the tee. Add in the aerodynamic 338 Speed Dimple pattern and penetrating flight, despite its soft feel, this ball still delivers on distance.

    Impressive feel for a beginner’s ball

    Overall Score: 28/40

    Taylormade Soft Response

  • Extended Flight Dimple Pattern
  • Soft-Tough Ionomer Cover
  • ZnO Flex Core™
  • 3-Layer Construction

  • Another great contender for best golf ball for beginners from TaylorMade, the Soft Response shows that even within one brand’s beginner category, there’s choices to be made!

    The soft response ball has a hi-spring 3-layer construction thanks to its 35 Compression ZnO Flex Core™. This provides a faster ball speed and explosive distance, and when combined with the seamless 322 dimple pattern with shallower u-shape dimples this ball gets up in the air quickly and keeps on going!

    Soft, responsive and long!

    Overall Score: 28/40

    Volvic Vimat

  • Enhanced Soft Feel
  • Consistent Flight (with mid-high trajectory)
  • More Distance (on slower swing speeds)
  • Short Game Control

  • In a monochrome category, Volvik can always be relied on to bring a splash of colour, and the Vimat is no exception!

    These stylish golf balls, available in 6 colour options, provide an extremely soft feel and offer more distance for golfers with slower swing speeds between 70-90 mph. They generate less spin off the tee and generally offer a higher ball flight for straight distance performance. They also provide good spin from a wedge to give better greenside control.

    A solid all rounder that stands out on the fairways!

    Overall Score: 28/40

    Bridgestone e6 Soft

  • Delta Wing Dimples
  • Soft Feel
  • Low Driver and Long Iron Spin (for increased straight distance)
  • Advanced Mantle and Cover

  • Bridgestone is the brand that a certain Tiger chooses to play, so they must know a thing or two about golf balls!

    The e6 Soft is a high-performance golf ball that has a super soft feel and has been engineered to provide long straight distance. The patented Delta Wing dimples provide less drag and smoother air flow when the ball is in flight, combining perfectly with the advanced mantle and cover that offer increased performance on greenside and iron approach shots.

    Packed with technology!

    Overall Score: 28/40

    Overall results:

    Perhaps not the champion anyone would have expected! The Srixon Distance was always going to be the best cheap golf ball for beginners, but with a strong showing in distance and durability categories, we think we have a worthy champion!

    Ball Distance Feel Durability Price Total Score
    Srixton Distance 9 6 8 10 33
    Taylormade Distance + 9 7 8 8 32
    Titleist Velocity 10 8 8 3 29
    Wilson Duo Soft + 9 7 6 7 29
    Callaway Warbird + 9 4 8 8 29
    Honma D1 8 7 6 8 29
    Srixton Soft Feel 7 9 7 5 28
    Taylormade Soft Response 7 9 7 5 28
    Volvic Vimat Soft 7 9 7 5 28
    Bridgestone e6 8 7 8 4 27