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With Jonathan Yarwood, renowned teacher to the world’s best players and now, GP’s very own personal coach.

Bad lie? Missed the green?

How to get it out of the bunker, EVERYTIME


If you can create a ‘U’ shaped swing into the ball rather than a steep, digging ‘V’, the bounce can do it's job and take the ball on a carpet of sand.

1. Stand really wide and dig your feet in.

2. Your weight should be on your left side and the ball slightly left of middle in your stance.

3. Find a severe slope and hit a few shots, then gradually work down to a flat lie and try to keep the same feeling.

4. Grip down the club and lock your arms.

5. Stand square with a square clubface. Arms still locked, take a swing from 8 o'clock to 4 o'clock, the ball is at 6 o'clock. The combination of the set up and locked arms creates a ‘U’ shaped swing that allows the bounce to skid and the ball to come out every time!


Most people go wrong, by trying to cut across the ball and dig it out with a huge chopping swing. The problem with this is that when the club hits the sand it actually digs too much and leads to the club being decelerated by the sand making the ball go nowhere but in the bunker in front of you.


Focus on getting the ball out to the BIG part of the green. Don't take on an impossible pin. Get it out every time, save strokes and you’ll soon be laughing at sand.

Remember to hover the clubhead at address. If you ground the club you’ll be slapped with a two stoke penalty.

The sand iron is the only club in the bag where the back edge is higher than the front. This is refered to as the bounce. It is designed so that the club skids through the sand and only takes a thin divot of sand and not a big chunk.

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