Pros advice

Breaking 70

With Jonathan Yarwood, renowned teacher to the world’s best players and now, GP’s very own personal coach.

By tidying up your distance control on pitches and chips, you can save a shot here and there – and taste the 60s more often.

Imagine the ball is at six o'clock when addressing it.


Set up with your weight a hint on your left side. Go for a stance width between a full shot and a chip, with your shoulders, hips and knees square, and your feet a touch open. Simply move your left arm to eight o’clock on the take-back and through to four o’clock on the follow-through. When you swing, rotate your body a little as you hit through the ball.


Set up as you would for a 40-yarder, but this time let your left arm get to nine o’clock and follow-through to three o’clock. Let the wrists hinge slightly back and through the stroke, and rotate the body with the arms and club. On the range, try hitting some shots with a towel under your arms – it’ll help you to achieve the required feeling.


For 80-yard strikes, use the same set up, this time get the left arm back to 10 o’clock and through to two o’clock. For 90 yards, it’s 11 and one o’clock. If you create a system for pitching and work out how far the ball goes with your own wedges, you’ll have a system that you can rely on under pressure.

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