Pros advice

Breaking 80

When you’re faced with a shot that’s neither a pitch nor a chip, you better make sure you commit to the right shot.

By Jamie Harris

1. Hold the club softly, making sure there’s no tension in the arms. Pick a spot where you want the ball to land and visualise a mental picture of it actually happening.

2. Open your body to the target line and play the ball in the middle of your stance, keeping your hands slightly ahead of the ball at address.

3. Start the swing by moving the club head away low and make sure the left arm is fully extended.

4. Hit down on the back of the ball and accelerate smoothly.

5. With this basic technique, you can play a variety of different shots. Move the ball position forward, use a wedge and hit it high. Move the ball back, choose a less lofted club and you’ll knock it in low.

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