Pros advice

Breaking 80

With Jonathan Yarwood, renowned teacher to the world’s best players and now, GP’s very own personal coach.

Looking for some consistency? Want to hit the ball further and straighter? We’ll get you in the zone EVERYTIME...


Ever noticed how people go about their business at different speeds? That’s their internal body rhythm coming to the surface. Fact is, we all go through life at varying pace – and your swing should reflect that. If you’re laid back – like, say, Ernie Els – then your body ticks slowly. Big Easy is one of the most laid-back guys on the Tour, so his languid swing should come as no surprise. If, like Ernie, you’re relaxed on the course, count to three when you swing. One as you start, two at the top and three at impact. It’s a great way to maintain perfect tempo – the all-important glue that binds good swings together.


Stay with me here, but a few swings holding the club the wrong way round with your eyes closed will help improve your timing and rhythm.


A great exercise to create a smooth start and fine rhythm to your swing. When addressing the ball, don’t ground the club – especially when you’re using a driver. You’ll notice quite a few pros doing this as it helps promote a smoother start by reducing tension. A variation on this in practice is to start with the club over and in front of the ball, a running start if you like. Again, it’ll feel great and improve rhythm.


Conversely, if your personality is more Nick Price, who can smoke a fag faster than anyone I’ve ever seen, then a quicker internal rhythm will help your swing. Try saying “one” at the top and “two” at impact and you’ll enjoy perfect tempo every time.

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