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Breaking 90

With Jonathan Yarwood, renowned teacher to the world’s best players and now, GP’s very own personal coach.

Bad lie? Missed the green?

Bad lie? Missed the green?


  • If you slice the ball, practise with the ball above your feet.
  • This will help to create a more rounded and shallow downswing which is a pre-requisite to reducing a slice and driving the ball better. As both these shots in general are caused by a steep downswing...
  • Find a severe slope and hit a few shots, then gradually work down to a flat lie and try to keep the same feeling.
  • To cement the keep the feeling, try swinging the club in a baseball swing fashion in your preshot routine.


  • If you hook the ball or have active hips, practise with the ball below your feet.
  • This slope helps in the fact that it makes the club get on a steeper plane back and down. It also reduces hip movement and makes the legs a little more stable.
  • Again, start on a severe slope and work down to the flat, you should feel that the backswing and downswing feel steeper. you hold the handle forward of the clubhead through impact.


  • If you reverse pivot (i.e. straighten your back leg on the backswing) or do not transfer your weight properly, use the uphill slope to counteract your problem.
  • This is great for getting you turning behind the ball and then committing through the ball at impact. This is accentuated when you use a driver off the slope down.
  • Again,work your way from an uphill lie to a flat lie.


  • If you strike the ball poorly, use a downhill slope to help you get good compression at impact.
  • Many people who strike it poorly hit the ground first. There’s a variety of reasons for this, however the main reason is that the chest is not down and over the ball, and the spine angle is not correct at impact.
  • This slope really helps with these problems and allows the chest to get stacked over the lower body, improving the strike.
  • A great drill is to walk through the shot as you hit it. This gets the flat spot of your swing in front of the ball and guarantees compression.
  • Make sure that you set up level with the slope, ie with your weight on the lower foot, shoulders level and your spine is perpendicular to the slope.

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