Pros advice

Breaking 90

With Jonathan Yarwood, renowned teacher to the world’s best players and now, GP’s very own personal coach.

Forget thinking, “Just get it out!” Here are two trouble free ways to play a 50-yard bunkershot...


If you’re feeling bold, escape with a low chip using your mid-wedge. Stand wide and low, bury your feet and make sure the clubface is square at address and your bodyweight is left to encourage a descending blow. Grip down the club a little for control and make a wide, wristless, U-shaped swing aided by a little movement from your stomach area. The downswing should begin at nine o’clock with the follow-through finishing at three o’clock. The club will follow the contours of the sand and pick the ball off the top without taking too much loose stuff.


Confidence at an all-time low? Then this is the one for you. Try hitting a 9-iron, but set the shot up like a putt, right down to the grip. Get close, shaft high, everything! Position yourself so the ball is right of centre, and transfer your bodyweight left to encourage a downward strike. Now make a putting action, hitting the ball as firmly as you’d strike a chip and the ball should fly out every time. If you’re faced with a big lip, pick a more lofted club and hit a bit harder.

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