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Getting it right when buying golf Wedges can be the difference between playing like a decent golfer and playing like pro. Wedges are far more formidable a golf club than some people allow giving credit to, which could be why so many struggle to achieve the levels of success they seek. Male or female, choosing the correct set of golf Wedges, in the right lofts and lies, with ideal shaft length and flex, will prove that you do not need brute strength or a impeccably high swing speed to be the master of your own shots. Practice makes perfect, and a good technique will clearly stand you in good stead on the golf course, but with the right Wedges in your bag you can lower your scores and place higher on the leader boards.


Loft gives you an idea of how far a golf ball will travel and the type of trajectory it will achieve. The more Loft a golf ball has when hit, the higher the trajectory will be. So if the trajectory is high the golf ball will travel a shorter distance. Wedges are the most lofted golf clubs in your bag so utilise them to get the most from their technology. Here is a quick look at some of the different Wedge Lofts available.

Pitching Wedge (PW)

Pitching Wedges will usually be present with any set of Irons you purchase. after the 9 Iron this is the most lofted golf club and typically has a loft of 46-50 degrees. Used predominantly for long-range shots onto the green, many tournament players opt for a Pitching Wedge around 120 yards.

Approach Wedge (AW)

Approach Wedges, or Gap Wedges as they can also be referred, fill the gap between Pitching Wedge and Sand Wedge with a loft of between 50-55 degrees. The Approach Wedge is slightly more lofted than the Pitching Wedge.

Sand Wedge (SW)

Stuck in a bunker? Reach for the Sand Wedge. Typically 54-58 degrees, Sand Wedges are often used in bunkers due to their high bounce.

Lob Wedge (LW)

Lob Wedges are 60 degrees and above and are ideal for throwing the golf ball up high from very short distances. The most popular are 56 degree and 60 degree and compliments the Pitching Wedge.

Bounce Angle

The Bounce is the curvy part on the sole of the Wedge that allows the head to bounce out of the sand or rough without sagging. Using a Wedge with the right combination of bounce and loft for the golf course you play and the sort of swing you prefer can make a huge difference to your short game. It’s unlikely you will ever encounter a Wedge with a bounce higher than 18 degrees, although the bounce can be as low as 2. There are three variations of Bounce that affect your game, which are Low, Standard and High, and below you can see which one is best for you.

Low Bounce Wedges

A Wedge offering Low Bounce is idea for tackling shots from tight lies and firm turf conditions. The combination of having less Bounce and narrower sole-width lowers the leading edge of the blade for a clean, crisp contact with the golf ball. This is perfect for golfers with a creative flair on the greens and in the bunkers, but who also have shallow attack angles through impact. Less Bounce and narrower sole width makes it easier to open the face and hit high, soft landing flop shots. Lower Bounce Wedges are found in lower Loft ranges such as Pitching and Approach Wedges used for longer approach shots. More golfers benefit from having more Bounce (10 to 14 degree) as opposed to less.

Standard Bounce Wedges

The Standard Bounce Wedge is perfect for all conditions and can suit any golfer with its all-round playability, including the more creative players. A brilliant option for golfers who prefer to play an open or square face out of the bunker and who have an average to slightly steeper attack angle.

High Bounce Wedges

High Bounce Wedges are ideal for golfers with a steep attack angle and are designed for play out of soft turn and sand. The combination of the wider flange and higher Bounce angle prevent digging and create smoother gliding action of the sole along the ground. This works exceptionally well out of (soft) sand for players who prefer to keep a square face through impact. High Bounce Wedges are often associated with higher Lofts, although this is not always the case.

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