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Golf tips: Add more focus and purpose to your driving range practise

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There are two types of practise which can be undertaken at the driving range. One is to work on a technical issue, the other is to work on your performance and scoring skills.

In a drill to help fine tune performance, Duncan McCarthy from Ignite Sports, demonstrates how you can spilt up a bucket of 50 balls to ensure each shot has the right level of focus.

In a great example of ‘batch practice’ Duncan works through the clubs in his bag hitting different types of shot with each club. He then identifies the areas he needs to work on with the remaining balls.

If you perform the drill correctly, you will have applied the right level of focus to each shot. If you only focus properly on 80 per cent of the shots hit at the driving range, this is likely to transfer on to the golf course.

That’s potentially 10-15 shots on the golf course which could be lost. Watch the video to find out how to make the most of this game-chaninging practise drill.

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