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Golf Tips: How to maintain good posture through the golf swing

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When we set up to hit the golf ball we can often have good posture at address but then lose this as we start to make a swing. A good address position is all about creating good angles and the key thing is to try and keep those good angles right through into impact and follow-through.

A common fault among amateurs is something known as 'early extension' where the back straightens too much prior to impact, often resulting in the ball heading off to the right.

A good drill to help keep the right posture though the swing is to take your golf bag and place it so it's just touching your back side when addressing the ball. The purpose of the drill is to try and keep your backside touching the bag throughout the swing.

Click on the video to watch Mark Pearson, PGA Academy director at DeVere Oulton Hall, demonstrate how it should look.

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