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Golf Tips: How to maintain the correct circular swing path

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One of the most common faults among amateur golfers is not realising that the correct swing path is actually a circle around the body. When golfers don't follow this circular motion we can see something know as the 'reverse pivot' where the golf club comes straight up too steeply - often resulting in a slice.

So how to we get this nice circular motion around the body? Creating a good pivot is an essential part of making a good golf swing. Using this good pivot we essential want our back to face the target as we perform the back swing.

It's almost impossible to take the club back too steeply if we get our back facing towards the target. As you come through the shot it is then really important to get your torso facing the target. This allows the club to come fully around the body.

Click on the video to watch Mark Pearson, PGA Academy director at DeVere Oulton Hall, demonstrate how it should look.

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