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How to shift your weight properly to gain more power

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Many amateur golfers cause themselves problems by getting the club-face in the wrong position early in the takeaway. In order for the club-face to be returned to the right position on impact it is important to keep control of it during the takeaway, backswing and then through the impact position.If we get the club-face in the wrong position early in the swing, it it very hard to get it back where it needs to be.As the club comes back to the 9 o’clock position, the shaft should be nice and parallel with the ball to target line with the club-face pointing directly upwards. Common faults include opening up the club face so it points behind us or keeping it too closed and pointing towards the ground.

Click on the video to see PGA pro Mark Pearson demonstrate his 9 o’clock drill which will massively improve your control of the club-face and help you hit straighter shots.

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