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Tee it high, watch it fly? Truth or myth?

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘tee it high, watch it fly’ but is there actually any science behind the saying?

Many club golfers can be a little bit scared off teeing it up too high as they know coming in too steep can have an embarrassing result. But as PGA professional Thomas Devine explains, there are a number of reasons why pegging it up high can give us some benefits when using the driver. Using a Trackman launch monitor, Thomas hits one drive off a low tee and then one teed up high and shows the difference in the outcomes.

Drivers are actually designed to be hit high up on the face - that’s where the ‘sweet spot’ is. Hitting the driver lower on the face can result in a higher spin rates which means less distance. What we should all be aiming for with the driver is high launch, low spin in order to get good distance.

Click on the video to watch Thomas demonstrate the benefits of teeing it up a bit higher.

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