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1 Day Jason wants to be World’s Best

For Jason Day and his supporters it hasn’t been the best few years, but a renewed spark in the Australian in the World Cup of Golf has reignited his bid to one day claim the top spot in the World Rankings.

Day won the Byron Nelson Championship in 2010 before following up with a couple of runners-up places in the 2011 Masters and US Open respectively. Since then, though, the Australian has slipped out of view somewhat.

Fans of Day have been patient. They haven’t rushed the player into immediately finding his feet, and that patience was rewarded on Sunday when he claimed the World Cup of Golf, outmatching the more fancied Adam Scott.

That victory was enough to propel him to just outside of the top 10 in the world rankings and that has lit the fire for his journey to the number one spot.

Day said: "It was surprising to jump from 18 to 11, if I have a good week this week I can definitely jump into the top 10.

"Being number one has always been a goal since I practically picked up a golf club."

He added: "I've always wanted to get to that number one spot. Me and [long-time mentor and caddy] Colin [Swatton] had a goal back when we first met, when I was 12, 13 (years old), that we wanted to become the number one player in the world.

"We had a goal to get there at 22, we ended up getting to number seven at 23 so we fell short but it's still on my mind to get to that number one spot."