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2015 Golf Wedges: Everything You Need To Know

Golf wedges are an integral addition for any player’s bag and should be used as formidable alternatives to other clubs which aren’t hitting the right notes. Choosing the correct wedge or set of wedges comes down to knowing your own statistics; loft and lies, length and flex – they all play a part in helping determine which clubs are best for you.

In our 2015 buying guide to golf wedges, we will discuss the benefits of loft, how to best utilise bounce and help you decide which clubs should be gracing your golf bag this year.

Loft and its Benefits

Loft gives players an idea of how far a golf ball is likely to travel and type of trajectory it will achieve off the clubface. The more loft a golf ball has when it is struck, the higher that trajectory is going to be. So, if the trajectory is high then the golf ball will travel shorter distance. Golf wedges are the most lofted golf club in a bag; utilise them to gain an advantage by tapping into their technologies.

Golfers looking to achieve long-range shots on the green are recommended to try a pitching wedge. These are the most lofted golf club in a set after the 9 iron and really get under the golf ball. A gap wedge or approach wedge is slightly more lofted and will maximise spin so it’s ultimately up to the player as to which kind of game performance they are looking for.

Getting Bounce Angle into your Game in 2015

Bounce is the curvy pat of the sole of the golf wedge that allows club heads to bounce out of the sand or rough without encountering sagging. Switching up wedge combinations to achieve the best possible bounce and loft can quite literally transform a game, especially the short game players.

It is uncommon to find a wedge which has a bounce higher than 18 degrees, although the bounce can still be as low as 2. Three variations of bounce can affect a player’s game: Low, Standard and High. Every golfer will fall into one of these three categories, and in the section below we detail the best bounce for every golfer.

Low Bounce Wedges

A wedge offering low bounce is idea for tackling shots from tight lies and firm turf conditions. The combination of having less bounce and narrower sole-width lowers the leading edge of the blade for a clean, crisp contact with the golf ball. This is perfect for golfers with a creative flair on the greens and in the bunkers, but who also has shallow attack angles through impact. Less bounce and narrower sole width makes it easier to open the face and hit high, soft landing flop shots. Lower bounce golf wedges are found in lower loft ranges such as Pitching and Approach golf wedges used for longer approach shots. More golfers benefit from having more bounce (10 to 14 degree) as opposed to less.

Standard Bounce Wedges

The standard bounce golf wedge is perfect for all conditions and can suit any golfer with its all-round playability, including the more creative players. A brilliant option for golfers who prefer to play an open or square face out of the bunker and who have an average to slightly steeper attack angle.

High Bounce Wedges

High bounce golf wedges are ideal for golfers with a steep attack angle and are designed for play out of soft turf and sand. The combination of the wider flange and higher bounce angle prevents digging and creates smoother gliding action of the sole along the ground. This works exceptionally well out of (soft) sand for players who prefer to keep a square face through impact. High bounce golf wedges are often associated with higher lofts, although this is not always the case.

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