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2016 Golf Trolley Batteries & Chargers: Everything you need to know

Batteries designed for golf trolleys generally have thicker plates capable of undergoing deep cycles day in and day out, as opposed to a typical starter battery. This makes them ideal for players who just want to take their trolley onto the greens and go 18 holes without having to know the inner workings of how a battery works. Golf trolley batteries are able to sustain higher rates of power over a varied timeframe, helping to keep a cart chugging along for as long as is needed. These batteries are often lightweight in construction, which makes operating an electric trolley less of a chore.

Whether it’s because the old battery has seen better days or because you’ve just purchased your first electric trolley, the first thing which should be considered when buying a new cart battery is how deep the discharge cycle is and if the battery is good value. Clearly there’s a lot more to choosing the best battery than just how it looks, and our 2016 buying guide will walk you through each step in locating, testing and finally deciding on the best golf battery for you.

Lots of Batteries to Choose

A quick search for trolley batteries will return a wealth of option. Several battery brands offer 6-volt, 8-volt and 12-volt sizes, including advanced technology to help maximise the batteries longevity. Others promise deep cycles with thunderous power supplies with faster recharge rates. All of these things are great, but in order to choose the right battery you also need to consider a few other things as well.

Buying Batteries: Things to Consider

In order to choose the best golf cart battery, basic details such as battery type, capacity, energy rate, terminal type, dimensions and weight should be explored. One or more of these factors could have a direct impact on the performance, maintenance and life cycle of the battery. Sometimes this most simple part of the selection process is also the most important.

Below is a brief explanation of the main things golfers should look at before making a decision on their next battery:


In order to choose the right battery for a golf cart, it’s good to know your system voltage. Then, depending on the voltage system, it is then up to you which battery you want to use and how many will be required. Most golf trolleys run on 6-volt, 8-volt, and 12-volt batteries. This gives you the option (depending on the voltage you need) to make a series connection of eight 6-volt batteries, six 8-volt batteries, or four 12-volt batteries to meet the requirement of a 48-volt system. At this point it’s wise to check the battery compartment space available to make sure your requirements can be met, and to base any decision against getting good value for money in return.


Capacity measures how much a golf battery is able to generate. Smaller batteries will have less capacity as opposed to their larger cousins, so knowing how powerful you want the trolley to be will be a leading factor in your decision. The higher capacity of a battery, the longer it will last. For example, the Motocaddy 36 Hole Battery has a 12V 28ah capacity and is able to last 36 holes for one day’s use, while the Leoch Scooter Battery has a 12V 55AH capacity and lasts for 18 holes.

Battery Type

There are many types of battery on the market, so choosing the right one for your particular golf trolley can be daunting. However, if you’ve already worked through the above points then this shouldn’t be an issue for most golfers as they will already have a pretty strong idea of the type of battery they require. Lithium is the obvious standout choice as it provides more years of service than traditional deep cycle batteries. Although lead acid batteries are still very popular with many golfers, and are said to be incredibly reliable.

The Motocaddy S-Series 18 Hole & Motocaddy S-Series 36 Hole batteries, PROGolf 36 Hole battery and Motocaddy LitePower batteries each use lithium to deliver enhanced power and longevity on the golf course.

Read Customer Reviews

American Golf customers are some of the most well educated golfers on the planet and they are always offering other players advice and reviews on their recent purchases. If you still can’t decide which trolley battery is right for you by the end of this buying guide, check out some of our customer reviews to see which batteries are getting the thumbs-up by our ever-growing and honest community.

Golf Battery Chargers

Battery chargers need no introduction. Everyone knows that if you haven’t got anything with which to charge your dying battery, then sooner rather than later it’s going to be lights out and that expensive electric golf cart won’t be accompanying you on the golf course. So it’s best to grab some kind of charging port or device, although matching the charger to the battery it’s made for its always best practice.

You only really need to know two things when it comes to choosing a battery charger: the voltage and the plug which fits into the cart.

It really is that simple, and we have a great range of golf chargers available now at American Golf, such as the Motocaddy Golf LitePower Lithium Battery Cable, MaxiPower Battery Charger, Leoch Battery Charger and PROGolf AGM 12V 4AMP Battery Charger among others.

When to Charge Batteries?

Golf batteries should be charged even if they’ve only been used in short bursts to keep them operating at the highest performance. When the battery has been used extensively and is not regularly charged, this is when you will begin to discover problems relating to weakness, discharge and sometimes permanent damage.

Treat your golf battery as you would a mobile phone or GPS – keep it charged and healthy to it’s always ready to go when you need it.

Top-Selling Golf Trolley Battery Brands

The very best batteries can be found right here at American Golf from all the biggest brands, including MaxiPower, Motocaddy, Leoch, ProGolf and Bushnell.

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