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Adam Scott inundated with ‘cracking’ caddie offers

World No.2 Adam Scott has been contacted by almost 100 caddies offering their services to him, but the PING player remains adamant he’s in no rush to appoint a replacement for Steve Williams.

Scott probably has the most sought-after bag behind Rory McIlroy right now, so it’s not all together surprising to see the Australian struggling to contain interest from hopeful caddies. And since the job became vacant following Williams’ decision to move on due to wanting less time on the road and more time at home with his family, Scott has been on the look-out for a new right-hand man.

Scott noted his surprise at the fact some caddies were calling him up for work when they were already employed by other successful players – which speaks volumes for the coveted position Scott finds himself now working.

"I've had some really cracking (offers) come through, which makes you wonder," Scott told Reuters at Sheshan Golf Club on Tuesday as he prepared for this week's WGC-HSBC Champions tournament.

And for the lucky caddie who does get the nod, well they could find their bank accounts looking very healthy with them expected to make at least $500,000 next year.

Currently Scott is hopping from different caddies as he continues to play, but this is a deal which won’t last forever. He used Eddie Gardino at the Japan Open last month and this week will employ the services of David Clark in Shanghai, with Clark also caddying him at the Australian Masters in Melbourne later this month.

However, Scott remains tight-lipped over who could be going over as his new caddie, saying he plans to trial several other caddies over the next few months before finally settling on a full-time replacement before the Masters comes round in April next year.

So what kind of caddie is Scott on the lookout for? According to him, the person must have a personality which gels with his own, and who also has the knack of giving good advice when placed under mounting pressure on the golf course.

"I'm testing personalities. That's why I need a little more time to make a good decision," he said.

"You can be the best player and do all the right things, but there is only one other person who can influence you on the golf course and that is the caddie.

"Whatever he says, whatever comes out of his mouth or doesn't come out of his mouth can influence you, so it's an extremely important role when you play at this level."