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Are You A Rules Ace?

Padraig Harrington and Suzzan Pettersen have helped launched a new online rules course to help golfers improve their basic knowledge.

The RulesAcademy is based on the Etiquette Section and the Quick Guide to the Rules of Golf (a short summary of the most commonly occurring Rules).

The course features video, images and diagrams of Rules situations and includes revision questions after each section. It covers the essentials that all golfers should know such as sportsmanship, integrity and respect.

Two-time Open Champion Padraig Harrington said, “The Rules Academy is a great idea for helping golfers to improve their knowledge of the Rules of Golf in a quick and easy way. A short online course will make the Rules and how they are applied much less daunting and the game more enjoyable as a result.”

The Academy is free to view and should take no more than two to three hours to go through. The Exam costs £10 to take with the proceeds going to The R&A’s Working for Golf programme.