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Are you ready for Project (a)?

There’s a tour out there – where the players play with intensity, treating every shot like it counts. Each golfer knows his swing – his strengths and weaknesses. And every golfer is striving to improve. It’s not the PGA Tour, it’s your tour. And now there’s a golf ball specifically designed to deliver top performance to the players on the tour that most of us belong to – TaylorMade Project (a).

TaylorMade has engineered a design so radical in its inception that it blows regular golf balls away. For competitive mid-handicappers who need more approach shot spin, TaylorMade’s Project (a) is the answer. Longer off every golf club with excellent feel, the Project (a) golf ball helps generate that extra spin needed to stop the ball closer to the hole, leaving shorter putts and lower scores.

Project (a) provides long distance off the tee with superb performance where a mid-handicapper needs it most: 100 yards and in.


There’s a good reason these Project (a) golf balls offer game-changing spin; it comes from SOFT TECH technology. TaylorMade’s new cast urethane cover is specially formulated to be soft, durable and, above all else, incredibly responsive.

REACT Core technology enhances distances on longer shots and allows crisper responses off the clubface. Married up with Spin Mantel technology, Project (a) golf balls are ideal for increased short game spin and their 3-piece construction with 360 dimple pattern only adds to the magic delivered on the golf course.

Join the project and pre-order TaylorMade’s Project (a) golf balls today. Available in-store and online March 31.