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Big Ernie Back on the Short Stuff

At this week's inaugural Chiangmai Golf Challenge in Thailand belly-putter lover, and reigning Open champ, Ernie Els will go back on the short stuff and return to using a regulation putter.

This move is of course with a view to adapting to life beyond the long-awaited and forthcoming ban on the belly putter, which has been the scorn of golfing purists for such a long time.

Ernie isn't promising a full-time departure from the long stick just yet though but he views this weekend as a good opportunity to get back used to life doubled over the short stick, and it is nice to see someone of his calibre setting a trend which hopefully some other big name pros will soon follow.

Ernie has said that he will return to his long-handled favourite at the Augusta National for The Masters, understandable given the importance of the event, but he has promised to continue toying with a return to the good, old fashioned, hip-high model in other forthcoming events.