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Billy Horschel wanting to avoid labour pains as he guns for $10million prize

Billy Horschel is keeping his mind focused on winning that staggering $10million FedExCup prize this week – even blocking out the impending birth of his child.

Horschel’s wife, Brittany, is scheduled to give birth in two weeks’ time, but the couple have made an agreement that tournament golf and the chance to bag FedExCup play-off honours will take precedence if their baby girl arrives sooner than expected.

Speaking to reporters at East Lake Golf Club, Horschel said: “My wife and I are due two weeks from Saturday. On the golf course I'm not thinking about it.

“We have decided that if she (Brittany) goes into labour while I'm playing, I will just keep playing, because $10m (£6.12m) is a lot of money and I'm not going to pass that by.

“And I'll just fly home after the round and fly back (to the tournament) a couple hours later, spend some time with them.”

Horschel says he has asked not to be notified while out on the course. “We've talked about that,” the 27-year-old explained. “I'm going to stay put on the golf course. I'll find out after the round. I won't find out on the course, because my focus may be taken away from the task at hand.

“But after the round's over with, I will be flying home, spend a few hours and then fly back later that day or the next morning before the round of golf.”

Asked whether he was more nervous about the baby’s impending arrival or the chance to win the Tour Championship and pocket the FedExCup bonus of a cool $10million, he replied: “I'm not too nervous about having a kid. My wife and I are very excited.

“I'm just anxious for it to happen. I'm anxious for the baby to get here, our child to get here. And I'm anxious to have a chance to win $10m.

“Having a chance to win $10m and our first child on the way, it's pretty amazing, especially the time of year that it's happening.”