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Charley Hull’s Determination is Inspiring for Everyone

According to Charley Hull there is a perception that golf is an ‘old man’s sport.’ Perhaps she’s right; perhaps not. In any case there’s certainly structure for argument that the talent pool of young players is draining, and that is a definite concern for those who share a fierce passion for the game.

Enter, Charley Hull. At the age of 17 she’s already established herself as a formidable contender for future greatness. Her performance in the Solheim Cup, where she took the place of Laura Davies on the European team, showed there’s plenty of promise from the young golfer that’s yet to be channelled.

The Kettering golfer is looking to inspire others through the success she has achieved, saying: "If I do well more younger people will play and more women too. It would be fantastic if it did take off, now it's in the Olympics and it's coming into bigger and better things instead of being the old man's sport it was 100 years ago.”

Hull was instrumental in helping Europe to an 18-10 victory over the United States in August after beating American golf legend Paula Creamer 5&4, which in turn has made her a household name.

She added: "It's been good; I get more recognised from people. I've had a few golfers saying well done to me, it's a good feeling because you feel like you're inspiring others." She also admitted that the influence of her father has been a vital component in her ongoing development, saying: "I think the main thing my success is down to is my dad because he's never pushed me, he's never been a pushy parent.

"I wouldn't give advice to the teenager but I'd give it to the parents, 'let her do it off her own back'. That's the main thing; I play the sport because I enjoy it not because I have to. If I didn't enjoy it, I wouldn't play it."

Coming from someone of Charley Hulls modest age speaks volumes of her passion and commitment to making herself the best she possibly can, and it’s hoped that her climb towards the summit of golf’s elite mountain can influence others to follow her towards a career in golf, or simply add a few more supports to the game of women’s golf.