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Duval Asks for Sponsor Exemptions on Twitter

In order for David Duval to compete in 2014 PGA Tour events he has taken to Twitter to ask for sponsor exemption.

Duval is the former World No.1 and explained that it would be the last time he requested an invite, adding that he would be prepared to “do something else” if he didn’t perform to the standards expected of him.

Injuries have plagued the 42-year-old since his epic victory at 2001 Open Championship, which is still his only major success.

Duval has only finished in the top-125 money earners list once since 2002 and in 2013 he only made one cut in eight appearances while on Tour.

However, there is some hope for the former Open Champion as he feels the work he has put in with Mat Kuchar’s coach Chris O’Connel is paying divedens; and he may be about to return in spectacular fashion.

Duval, speaking on his official Twitter page account, said: “The thing is though I believe you have to own what you are doing and where you are going. I believe 100 percent I am doing right.

"With all that being said I wish to state without hesitation that 2014 is the last time I will ask for exemptions.

"I will be asking for starts but this is the last time. I think that if I can have a 20-event schedule then it's up to me to get my status.

"As a player you need to perform and if I don't do that in 2014 I will do something else."

Duval also revealed that he considered playing on the European Tour in 2014 but decided against it for family reasons.

Here’s hoping he makes a success of this comeback.