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Enjoy family time on the golf course this summer with US Kids Golf equipment

Get yourself – and your kids – into the sunshine this summer holiday by grabbing a golf bag and heading for your local golf course. It’s a great way to spend quality time as a family as well as making sure everyone is getting enough exercise. And with a great range of US Kids Golf equipment available at american golf, your juniors can also join in the fun.

The US Kids Golf equipment range has been specially designed for young golfers. The company was established in 1997 as a solution to a problem its founder, Dan Van Horn, discovered while trying to get his own kids into the sport. His children, aged 3 and 6 at the time, were excited to play a round with their father, before their interest quickly dissipated, leaving him wondering what the reason behind it could be.

Dan Van Horn is quoted on the official UK Kids Golf website as saying the issue was more about the equipment his children were using than about them not enjoying the golf. He says: "They weren't having fun. It seemed that they lost interest after only 15 minutes. At the time, I didn't know cut-offs and junior clubs were so heavy. They were not only hurting my kids' swings, but also their desire to play."

And so he created US Kids golf clubs; designed to be 25% lighter than adult and most junior clubs. Since then, parents around the world have emphasised their amazement at how well their child has adopted using the lighter golf clubs, which they also say has improved their swing technique and also heightened their enthusiasm for the game immensely.

That’s why US Kids Golf equipment is sold at american golf. We love to see families taking the time to play a round of golf together, its part of the reason the game was invented. And with the weather looking better than it has in some time, what better way to enjoy the summer holidays as a family than to pick up a set of golf clubs and head on over to your nearest greens.

Check out the full range of US Kids Golf equipment, which is available in both boy’s and girl’s variations, and enjoy some quality time on the golf course this summer holiday.

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