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Gary Player Backs Tiger To Beat Nicklaus’ Record

Gary Player said that Tiger Woods was the victim of the "most unlucky thing I've ever seen in my life," when his third shot at the par-five 15th hole ricocheted off the flag and into the water in the second round of this year’s Masters.

"[Tiger] hits the most perfect shot," Player said. "It's coming in there soft. You can see the flag. If it hits, it's going to be like four-feet from the hole. If he hit a bad shot, I mean a real bad shot with a sand wedge 20-feet from the hole, I reckon he would have won the Masters."

After the unlucky incident Woods proceeded to take an improper drop turning what could have been a birdie into a quadruple-bogey after a two-shot penalty.

Player also said that he still believes the World No.1 will surpass Jack Nicklaus’ long-standing record of 18 Major titles.

"The fact that he's had different coaches giving him different swing thoughts [hurts him]," said the outspoken South African.

"When you change your swing to that degree, even as talented as you are, it takes time to get the muscle memory and to have it work under pressure.

"Woods is so talented and so dedicated. I think he's got a great chance of passing Jack Nicklaus. Five majors is a lot. That's Mickelson's entire career. He'll play in another 40 majors at least as long as his knee stands up, and as long as he's healthy. We never know what's around the corner. But all things being equal, I think that he's got a great chance of doing it."