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Golf cleats are first choice for golfers say Softspikes

Popular golf cleat brand Softspikes has revealed its findings from a recent research initiative carried out by credible date-gatherers Sports Marketing Survey Inc. to determine whether golfers prefer cleated or cleatless golf shoes. The results are rather intriguing…

Research data was set around the four key European golf markets of the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden and France, and according to, showed that golfers in each market far preferred cleated golf shoes as opposed to their cleatless counterparts.

The United Kingdom, for example, recorded 80% of golfers choosing to buy cleated golf shoes – despite a recent rise in cleatless models hitting shelves.

Louise Roe, Business Unit Manager of PrideSports, said: “The fact that 367,700 of the 467,000 shoes sold last year in the UK were cleated proves that the vast majority of golfers still prefer to play in cleats.”

These figures from the UK mirror the other markets as well, with cleated golf shoe sales making a whopping 78% of the market in France, 76% in Sweden and 74% in Germany.

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