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This Green Jacket Is Not For Sale

Getting hold of golf’s most iconic garment, the green jacket, is a tricky business. If you’re not a member of the super exclusive Augusta National or have the skills to win the Masters you’re bang out of luck. And so it continues as a Dallas judge who’s ordered an auction company to hold onto a champion's green jacket they tried to move on until ownership can be determined at trial.

Judge Emily Tobolowsky has granted Augusta National Golf Club a temporary injunction to stop Dallas-based Heritage Auctions from selling the jacket won by Art Wall Jr. in 1959.

The current owner of the jacket, Florida resident Stephen Pyles, cashed up $61,452.55 for the keepsake but won’t be able to sell it on as the club, which claims the jacket was stolen from there, was granted a temporary restraining order days before it was to be auctioned.

The murky details are likely to come out in court but at the moment it looks like the only way your average Sunday hacker will be able to may not be able to show off a winner green jacket around their local course is to practice exceptional hard or put together a particularly convincing Mark O’Meara disguise.