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Nike Golf takes Tiger Woods’ iconic TW ’15 shoes to the next level

Nike Golf has taken Tiger Woods’ signature TW ’15 shoe to a new level with the integration of Flyweave innovation – providing lightweight support and flexibility where golf athletes need it most.

Both the Nike Golf brand and Tiger Woods are relentlessly focused on pushing the sport of golf into the stratosphere – and this latest innovation has gone beyond expectation.

The new TW ’15 golf shoe keeps the symbolism which has become synonymous with the range, and is the first to feature Nike’s breakthrough Flyweave technology in the upper.

With the conception of the TW 15’ comes the latest collaboration between Woods and Nike designer Tobie Hatfield. Woods debuted their first project as a prototype at the WGC Bridgestone in 2011. Since then, each iteration of the TW-series has featured a Nike Free-inspired outsole while consistently raising the bar for what athletes should expect from a golf shoe.

The relationship between Woods and Hatfield raises the bar to new heights with the TW ’15 integrating Dynamic Flywire into a Flyweave upper with a Nike Free outsole. The result is a golf shoe which provides the ultimate level of stability, fit and flexibility.

“Nike keeps answering the bell every time I want to push the envelope,” explains Woods. “The new Flyweave technology provides even more stability and support for my foot, and when you pair that with the Free-inspired outsole, I noticed I can push off the ground better and finish my swing with power.”

So, what is Flyweave? Flyweave enables the creation of a one-piece upper that is woven to provide excellent strength-to-weight support in the places it is needed the most based upon the demands or movements of the sport being played. While strong and supportive, Flyweave is also incredibly lightweight and flexible.

Nike debuted Flyweave in a basketball shoe in 2014, and even though the dynamic movements of a basketball player’s feet are different from those of a golfer, both require stability and a natural range of motion.

“Tiger epitomizes power,” said Tobi Hatfield, Athletic Projects Innovator for Nike Golf. “His power starts with natural motion which begins with unleashing the foot from the ground up. Flyweave gives you that flexibility coupled with support.”

And due to the lightweight Flyweave technology coupled with golf-specific Nike Free-inspired outsole, designers were able to create the TW ’15 shoe 10 percent lighter than in previous model iterations.

Woods’ Requests for Better

Tiger Woods provided invaluable feedback rich in detail to help designers create an outsole that is 3mm lower than the TW ’14, thus maximising ground feel and longer contact with the ground.

In another request from Woods, an updated process for creating the outsole optimises the flexibility of the shoe. Combined with four brilliant replacement spikes for good measure, Hatfield also utilised Integrated Traction in the top area of the shoe of offer up more flexibility which helps Woods harness the full power of his golf swing without sacrificing traction.

Hatfield was very hands-on with his aesthetics design inspiration, and says it was based on Tiger’s love for diving and spear fishing. In his initial sketch of the golf shoe, it featured star-shaped traction which was similar in looks to that of a starfish.

“That reminded me of Tiger’s love to spearfish and be underwater,” Hatfield said. “Adding the sea elements allowed another part of Tiger to live in the design of the shoe.”

Further to the nautical theme, the traction elements in the top are shaped like octopus beaks, while the rubber in the tip and the heel are inspired by shark scales.

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